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👋 Hello!
I like building frictionless software systems that empower and enrich people's lives!

A passionate Full-Stack Developer with 4 years of experience doing what I love to do. I specialize in front-end development, and have worked with various technologies, languages, and frameworks (client side, server side, database, as well as DevOps); able to learn and adjust to new tools, processes and techniques quickly and deeply as needed. High effort and passionate developer who's willing to go the extra mile to get things done fast and right, with best practices and maintainability top of mind.

Back-end (.NET)
Database (SQL)
Full Stack Developer
Jul 31 2018, present

Worked on three large projects (130,000 - 500,000 lines of code) across tech stacks of Angular, .NET, SQL, Teradata DB, Nx Monorepo, Sass, Docker, and IIS. Specialized in front-end Angular development.